Ways to Partner

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Come to Poland!  The students and families in the school LOVE to have individuals or groups come to their classes.  Because our primarily role with PROeM is through education at TOMEK (K-9th school which includes a preschool as well) this would be a natural place we could plug you or a group in!  However, we can plug you in through other aspects of PROeM’s ministries as well, so there’s numerous opportunities to “do” something that supports us and PROeM simultaneously.

If making a physical trip to Poland isn’t your thing, that’s ok.  Once there, we’ll also know of more practical ways that we could use your partnership with our students and classes.  Anything from prizes to a class set of English reading books!  Believe us, the needs will be there!

Prayer Partnership

Scripture teaches that prayer is hearing from God and requesting of God.  We need you to do both on our behalf!  We, too, like you, are on this life journey of discovering WHO God is.  In our experience, much head scratching has come after praying for someone or something and it going nothing the way we had hoped.  Reconciling HIS answers against OUR prayers has always been something we’ve had to wrap our mind and heart around.  What we’ve learned in our journey with God thus far is this:

  1.  Hearing FROM God allows us to better align with His plans, purposes and desires.  This is more important to us than anything else in this endeavor.
  2. Requesting OF God means we are able to approach Him with assurance that He will respond in His way and His time.  So no matter His answers, we know it’s in His hands.

Please join us in praying through Scripture!


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