Just Some Facts!

Where will you be located?

Tomaszow Mazowiecki (pronounce Tau- maw-shoof  Maz-shoof-vee-iski)  is located in central Poland; southwest of the capital of Warsaw and southeast of Poland’s third largest city, Lodz (pronounced Woodg).  The camp is located in Zakosciele, a small village about 20 minutes east of Tomaszow, along the Pilica River and in a national forest.

How big is Tomaszow?

Approximately  70,000

What do most people do for jobs?

For years, the economy of the city relied heavily on a factory that made synthetic materials for clothing.  When it went bankrupt, 10,000 people lost jobs and as a result, almost every family was affected.  Many still the affects of that major economic loss today.

This particular area is known for making ceramic tiles and two factories are among the largest in Poland.


What’s the climate/weather like?

The climate and weather where we’ll be living is actually very similar to our climate and weather in New Hampshire.  Summers are warm with average temperatures in the 70-80’s and occasional rain. There can be some really hot, humid days, but not typical.  Winters are cold with snow, but nothing like the big Nor’easter storms we’re used to having in New Hampshire.  We often paint the picture of it being like a beautiful snow globe…. just soft snow falling and never accumulating to too much.  A major difference in the winter weather is the loss of sun.  Most days have low hanging gray clouds and no sunshine rays.  Daytime is even shorter than our winter days in the New England as the sun disappears around 3.  It’s tough!  So when Spring comes, everyone is excited for the budding trees and plants and warmer temperatures!  June is ideal!  Fall comes with a sadness that summer is ending, but with trees showcasing golden yellow leaves falling alongside the temperature.

What do people do for fun?

People are crazy about football (soccer) and doing all sorts of outdoor activities with their families.  We are fortunate to live near one of the two Olympic Training Centers in Poland, so in the town of Spala (Spa-Wa) there are beautiful trails to walk or bike.  In the summer, the village has a market every Sunday that draws many people.  Mainly, we’ve found they love getting together with friends and enjoying conversation, coffee/tea, and cookies or pastries of some sort.



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