Financial Partnership

We are responsible for raising our own salary.  This means we rely on donations and charitable giving.  For some, this line of work is radical at best, but we have learned it is one of excited expectation.

Prayerfully consider your financial giving as this is the greatest and most tangible way you can be involved! 

Annual costs (expenses that need to be covered annually)

  • Visa applications
  • Health insurance
  • Airfare to the States for visiting family, friends, churches and donors during the summer

Monthly costs (day-to-day expenses living in country) 

  • Suggested amount for family of 4: $3,000-3500


Consider the power of the Zloty.  $1 = 4 zl *

$5 monthly= 20zl monthly covers coffee & snacks for hosting (big in Poland)
$10 monthly= 40zl monthly
covers 2 pizzas at our favorite pizzeria!
$25 monthly= 100zl monthly 6 people at this level
pays our monthly rent
$30 monthly= 120zl monthly
covers internet bill
$50 monthly= 200zl monthly 4 people at this level
covers gasoline a week
$60 monthly = 240zl monthly
covers water bill
$100 monthly= 400zl monthly
covers heating bill from Oct- April

  • As of August 2017, the exchange rate has fallen since we moved here a year ago, which does affect us.  It’s down from 4 to 3.5.

How to Give

Mail a CHECK:

Proem Support Ministries
12910 Shelbyville Road, Suite 200
Louisville, KY 40243

Telephone: (502)254-5001

  • You can set up a monthly reoccurring gift by sending a voided check with the date you wish to have it transferred to our account.
  • Memo line should state “Winans”


ONLINE Giving:

You can give online via PROeM’s website.

At the bottom of the page click on the DONATE icon.

Make sure to give our name under the Subscription Details labeled “For”


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