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Staff meeting at Solna 15 (new campus in city of Lodz)


There are many facets to PROeM Ministries and their community outreach initiatives continue to evolve as the ministry grows.  There are 3 major areas outlined below:



25 years ago PROeM began their efforts in organizing and putting on youth camps throughout Poland.  After finding their current location located along the Pilicia River and national forest, they opened their Christian Center in 2000.  It’s an ideal location for youth and families to come an enjoy Christ centered fellowship, worship and teaching.



There is now a thriving church of around 170 people in Tomaszow.   After years of praying and outreach activities when we were there in 2012-2013, there is now a new church in Lodz.

Journey to Bethlehem is an interactive live nativity.  We helped construct and participated in the very first one December 2012. In fact, we got to spend Christmas Day in “Bethlehem”.  It has been an amazing outreach in the community and region.  Tens of thousands have heard the gospel story through this.


The Tomy Education Center first opened in 2003 as a means to begin building relationships with people in the community through teaching English and an internet cafe.  In 2007, their first preschool opened and the following year their elementary school. Each year, they added another grade and in 2015 they had over 263 students enrolled with a middle school.  In 2016, there were over 300 students housed in a brand new educational center from pre-school to grade 9.  This 2017-2018 school year we are offering the first level of high school classes  (grade 10).



Logos for pre-school, elementary, middle school, and high school.



Teachers and students in middle school in 2015/16 school year.


If you want to view PROeM’s website go to  www.proemministries.org

To try out your Polish, you can go to their Polish website at www.proem.pl

Facebook page for the elementary school is  Pierwsza Chrześcijańska Szkoła Podstawowa “Tomek”

Facebook page for the middle school is Gimnazjum Tomasz which equates to grades 7,8, and 9 in the States.

Watch PROeM’s 2015 promo video

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