Chronicle of Madelyn


We were excited and ready to get things going!! img_20180722_114229

This was my delivery room… I got the private one!  img_20180722_134419

Right through this door is a long hallway with open mini delivery stations… a woman was brought by ambulance already in late active labor and in a matter of 30 minutes we heard the baby’s cries!  THAT was a unique experience!  When she was brought in, Josh went ahead and closed the door…. we were “close” enough to the action already. 🙂


So mean…. eating the sandwiches we had made and brought when I couldn’t.  I wouldn’t let him eat the last sandwich because I was going to eat it once I delivered… I’d just take the meat and cheese off since so much time had gone by… but, guess what was still in my bag wrapped in tinfoil when I came home?!!  He’s sporting the scrubs that one is required to purchase at a local apteka (pharmacy) and wear in the delivery room.  Almost could pass for a doctor!! 🙂

13 1/2 hours into it, the bottom part of the cervix was still not softening even with all the shots and things they were doing.  At 2 am it was determined that I’d need to go in for a c-section.  I was ready to just meet her and get on with it.   They were moving so quickly and efficiently that it was hard to believe that at 2:30 am we heard her first cries!   Josh had to wait outside the operating room, but he could easily hear her cries.  They then brought him into the room and he got to watch them measure and clean her up and hold her.  She weighed in at 5 pounds 9 ounces and 19 inches long!

It was discovered that the umbilical cord was abnormally short, in fact, he couldn’t bring her up to show me her over the surgical blind.  The doctor said he discussed it with colleagues and it was probably the reason why I had UGR and affected her growth rate. This is pure speculation, but I wonder if it was a blessing in disguise my cervix wasn’t doing what it was suppose to do and had the c-section.  Nothing matters now as she’s with us!!

Sunrise at the hospital

Sunrise on Monday, July 23.

Madelyn holding Josh's finger

Madelyn’s assured by Daddy’s presence while I was in recovery.


After two hours in the recovery room, I was brought up and united with Madelyn and Josh.  I shared a room with two other moms and their babies.


Food given by the hospital for breakfast and supper was the same:  three pieces of (the freshest, yummiest!!) bread, meat or cheese, butter, and typically a piece of lettuce (I declined the radishes…).  I failed to take a picture of lunch, but it was always some potatoes, a meat, and soup. Honestly, I found the food to be very delicious!

img_20180726_084329img_20180727_085147Madelyn’s doctor posed with her while she received phototherapy for jaundice.  He came by almost every day and we were blessed to have had his expert care and concern these last 7 months!  img_20180726_125743

She started treatment Thursday early afternoon and through Friday noon.  Don’t let this photo fool you… she did NOT like being on the bed and especially having to wear the special sunglasses!


Photo taken on Monday by big sister, Lauren, when she came to visit. She did not have a full bath until Wednesday night.img_20180726_083033

And a picture after bathtime with her hair all nice and clean.


On Wednesday, the gal in the middle got to go home and just two of us remained.  Then the third gal (who had arrived after me!) got to go home on Thursday, so I was all alone.  I would have to say that I thought it would be really difficult being in a room with other women, but that’s one neat aspect of the Polish culture. They are very communal and not bothered at all in “sharing” space.  It turned out to be a neat experience. img_20180726_142713img_20180727_125031

I had gone down the hallway to take a shower and when I returned, Josh informed me that because her bilirubin counts came back good, we had the clearance to leave!  So I got her ready to go and she took a nice long nap while paperwork was taken care of.


Somewhere she’s in there!

IMG_9405Kaylor and Lauren prepared a banner to greet their baby sister.


It’s still hard to believe we are now a family of 5!

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