Winter/Spring… which will it be?!

We’ve had a busy, yet fantastic last month as we’ve been involved in many aspects of the ministry here in Poland.

Sure, the weather, much like in the US right now, can’t decide if it will be winter still or spring!!!

Nonetheless, we all continue to do what we need to, right?!  I enjoyed the March women’s get together at camp and then the performances for Road to Jerusalem held at the castle in Inowłódż the weekend before Easter.  The pregnancy kept me from fully being able to participate the entire weekend, but I did manage to do a full performance and then a few of them I welcomed the guests to “Jerusalem” waving palm branches and singing Hosanna.  Josh was a disciple, so he was in all of the performances.

Josh and Ann RoJ

Josh and I quickly posed before another performance.


Waving the palm branches and singing Hosanna as Jesus and the disciples come into Bethlehem (ask Josh sometime about how cooperative the donkey was for Jesus!).

RtJ snowIt took the prep/tech crew longer to get the castle ready because of a snowstorm that hit a week before! An incredible amount of work is involved weeks prior to the performances.               (photo courtesy of Proem)


This snowstorm took everyone by surprise and hinder women from making it to Zako for the March women’s gathering.  Road diversions (which was sadly due to a crash that resulted in a fatality) and multiple accidents caused us to creep out to camp slowly.  Thankfully we were only coming from Tomaszow where we had just wrapped up our teaching.  Doubly thankful we didn’t have to drive back to Łódż that afternoon!Women's Event Tea

There was a relaxing women’s tea with a string quartet playing on Saturday wrapping up our time together. (photo credits to Proem)

Women's Event makeup

A session about the application of makeup from a professional was enjoyed by all!  It was fun filled “girlie” type of weekend! (Photo credits to Proem)


We celebrated Easter with the Łódż Tomy Church and then enjoyed a fantastic American style lunch with American teammates.  It was fun sharing an American style dinner with our friend who is from Belarus and also away from her family.  Her first and she said all (ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, tossed salad, deviled eggs, bread) was delicious!

Easter in Lodz

A quick photo with everyone following the Easter church service.                                  (Photo credits to Proem)


Our American teammates are such gracious hosts AND it was such a joy to enjoy it on their newly acquired Polish pottery! (The bottom right picture shows Josh and our friends hard at work just to get some good ‘ol ice!!)


As many of you now know, we are beginning the many “lasts” of our time living and serving here.  Josh has accepted a position with a fantastic school back in NH and will be leaving in a week.  He was able to participate in the “first” Good Friday and Easter service with the Łódż Tomy Church, but that also means it is his last. The girls and I will remain here to finish out the school year and have our baby girl here late July.  Josh will fly back for the birth.  As bittersweet as it is, we are rejoicing in the time we’ve had in being a part of His Kingdom work here in Poland and finishing the rest of our time here with full hearts.   There’s still much that we get to participate and help with, so blogs will still continue!






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