Say What?!?

House Flood stairs

If you look closely, you can see the bubbling of the wall due to the water.

This past weekend, our lives have taken an unexpected change.  We no longer have the home we’ve loved living in due to a water hose breaking.  I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty scary arriving home to water dripping down the walls and ceiling in our front door entrance.  Upon further investigation, there was almost ankle deep water in our kitchen with water in every room of our second floor home.  We made frantic calls and tried to reach our landlord who had been staying at his parents home to take care of the animals while they were on vacation.  Josh managed to shut off the water valve at the kitchen sink which was the location of where the water was spewing out of, but sadly, extensive damage had already been done.

In a moment of opening our front door, daily life is now chaotic with a slew of unknowns.  We are approaching almost a week and we still don’t have answers.  Insurance and procedures just work a lot slower here and we’re at the mercy of others informing us and taking care of us.

We try to be optimistic and positive for sure, but it’s unrealistic to think tension in a changed life’s situation won’t creep in and try to settle.  The effects of this change have created more challenges and obstacles and frankly, there are times it’s quite overwhelming.

Here’s what sustains us through this :

We serve a God who knows, who cares, and is relentless in pursing our hearts.

We fully know God will meet all of our needs and it’s not even about us, truly.  Most importantly, it’s about Him taking this situation and using it for His glory!  We are praying that God will use this in an amazing way in our landlord’s life, in his girlfriend’s life, in his family’s life.  We have group of guys from the Tomy Chuch “biting at the bit” to get in there and help him in any way they can.  The church has rallied as they should.

This… THIS is what I’m reminded of when I want to feel sorry for myself!

So for now… we wait.

We have the things that we “need” and at least have the assurance in knowing the rest of our stuff sits at the house unaffected by the water.  Because we live on the second floor, only items touching the floor were affected. We have damage to some personal furniture, but not to the extent we can’t still use them (as far as we know!).

BUT… it’s all material things anyways, so we focus on what’s most important and that’s relationships.     It’s now only showing love to our landlord through “help, but it’s showing greater love and grace to one another as well.  🙂


House Flood firetruck

Firemen are pumping out the knee deep water out of the basement.

House Flood chair

A chair in the living room which has soaked up so much water…. you can somewhat see water through the window’s reflection.  The area rugs were so saturated.

House Flood Artur's living room

This is our landlord’s living room, which was not even the worst room in terms of damage.  Imagine opening his doors and seeing this!   😦  

House Flood balcony

We even pulled our curtains down in order to use them to “soak” up water, although I quickly found they were not conducive to absorbing the water.  



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