“Spring”? Happenings

There’s a lot that’s been happening in the life of PROeM and thus our lives as well this “spring”.

So that means there’s much to get caught up on!

First, the school is opening a high school next year, which means there’s lots of promoting and advertising going on.  Open houses…. prospective students and their families, etc.  Josh recently met with a student who has an interest in US history and if I’m correct, international politics as well.  Since Josh will be teaching a semester course for students on US history and government, students who would like the course need to show a high level of English proficiency or at least have some strong skills in order to follow and participate well in the class.  He will be meeting with the student for the next few weeks weekly to talk and help the student build his oral English skills, which is a neat opportunity for not only the student, but for Josh as well.

Ad for new highschool

Josh and his PE colleagues are still eagerly awaiting warmer temps and non-rainy days in order to get the students outside for classes.  Sadly, it seems winter wants to drag on and on here and it’s struggling to reach normal spring temps and weather.  Ha ha… lucky us!  Someone recently told us that there’s really only two seasons here… summer and winter. Fall and spring are so quick and short that one can hardly see it.  Having lived here a year four years ago, one would think we would know that already.  I think we were hopeful that winter four years ago was as unusual as they all claimed it to be.  However, here we are… four years later… and we are all wondering where spring is!

Despite the weather, life goes on and so does serving and ministering!

Easter brought another large outreach event for PROeM :  Road to Jerusalem, which is another interactive story from Scripture on a large scale.  Since it’s every Easter, you can easily guess what is reenacted.  Watch the video and see for yourself!  Road to Jerusalem video

It takes place at a castle (not fully reconstructed, but it is restored) in a village right outside of the where we have the camp facilities.  It truly is an ideal location.  Once again, we all enjoyed participating in it.  Josh was one of the 12 disciples and had to thus be at every performance.  Again, it was extremely fulfilling to further build relationships with some whom we connected with while volunteering at Journey to Bethlehem! See one such relationship below:

Road to Jersulame with Danusza Of course, we took a family photo and I can’t seem to choose which one to use, so I use both in tandem.

Rto J funny familyRtoJ family

Camp season for Zakosciele is gearing up.  Although it hosts youth camps and events all year round, by far the busiest season is summer.  There is a Fit Camp that is taking place right now since this weekend is the start of a long holiday weekend (more about that later).  Josh is teaching golf to those who sign up.  We shall see how many show an interest!  It’s not a popular sport or past time activity in Poland, so golf courses are hard to come by, but people like to “try it out” when given a chance!  No, Josh’s golf clubs didn’t make the move, but he’s now bummed he didn’t make it priority!  I still am convinced they’ll be better used in the summer when we go home to visit!



We were blessed to have a former student of Josh’s (who also comes from a family we love!) come to Krakow as she is abroad studying in Austria.  It was a delight to go down to Krakow and grab some coffee (kawa) as well as the infamous Polish donut, paczki.


We just had another visitor, a friend and former colleague of Ann’s, who came during her spring break.  Ann was able to take a few days off from school to show her sights in northern Poland as well as sights in southern Poland.  She was able to experience first-hand the weather-that-keeps-hanging-on, but they did enjoy a few days/moments of sunshine!

Malbork Castle was our first stop and is the largest brick castle in Europe.  Then we went to Gdansk and pictured above is a picture of us after we climbed 400 steps of St. Mary’s church which is the tallest brick church in the world.Sam visit Salt Mine

In southern Poland we stayed in Krakow and took mini trips to the Wielicka Salt Mine (which boosts the only underground church) and Auschwitz/Birkeneau concentration camps.  It didn’t seem fitting to take a picture of ourselves at Auschwitz as it’s a sobering place to say the least.  When we came up out of the salt mine the sun was shining (see picture above).  I think I have convinced Sam that Poland is indeed a hidden gem to come and visit.

Sam brought with her amazing and thoughtful letters from my former students as well as new students I’ve never even met.  I was overwhelmed with gratitude that the new teacher would even do something like that for me and thus I sent Sam back with Polish chocolate.  I wish I could’ve written letters in time for her to take back, but I’ll be busy writing letters these next few weeks!Sam visit letters

This week I mentioned constitutes three days off of school for us. Monday is Labor Day,  Tuesday is Flag Day (although most places aren’t closed), and Wednesday is Constitution Day.  I recommend this website if you want to read more about the history behind these days.  read more  It’s thus a long weekend and many people go away and travel.  It’s thus a perfect time for PROeM to host a camp!


Finally, this week is also important for us as we are taking another step in trying to figure out our educational plans for the girls.  K will be shadowing/ attending an international high school on Friday to get a better feel for it. We’ve met with them one time already and now K wants to have a “taste for the day” as they call it.   We truly would covet and appreciate your prayers for us and her as she goes for the day on Friday!  It seems the most promising at this point, yet not without many sacrifices and challenges itself.  British_International_School_of_the_University_of_Lodz

Blessings to all of you who have found yourself able to read all the way to the end! We appreciate you!


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