It’s beginning to look a lot like….


Snow began falling on Sunday and it has been on and off again since then.   How can I describe winter in Poland?  Well, as I’ve always said…picture yourself in a snow globe.  It’s just a nice light falling snow all day.  It doesn’t seem to amount to much, but it’s pretty and leaves a nice dusting and coat of white.

It helps get us in the Christmas spirit, too.   🙂  True to our American cultural identity, we have already started the Christmas movies we have.  Additionally, we have put up some lights and I was startled the other night coming home.  We live in the second floor of a home that is on a corner. There are tall evergreen trees, but with the white lights hung along each of the three walls in our living room, you could see a radiant glow coming from our home!  I can only imagine the comments in the cars coming up the road and passing by…. yep, we are “those” Americans.

Looking forward to actually getting our tree and putting it up…. just wait and see what radiates from our home then!

Breaking from Polish tradition and sticking to our American tradition, we will not wait until Christmas Eve to decorate the tree.  We thought maybe we could or should do it, but we just love Christmas time too much to wait. 🙂  We will get it soon as we’ve found a garden shop near the school that sells real trees and already has them there.

Check back again as I’ll be sure to post some pictures!

In honor of the Americans affiliated with PROeM, we had “multiple” Thanksgiving feasts.  See the three different ones below!


Above: Our “Friendsgiving” made up of PROeM families.


On America’s actual Thanksgiving, we shared a meal of pancakes and sweets while talking about “Thanksgiving” with the young adults who gather at Solna 15 in Lodz.

15235775_1207782249315317_1455642989835400795_o15235707_1207784359315106_1120734368970983419_oAt school, 300 + students were divided into our new “families” and we gathered together for a Thanksgiving meal.  We first talked about what we were thankful for and drew pictures on a tablecloth.  Then we feasted on carrot soup, corn, potatoes and chicken “nuggets”and a dessert.  Yum!

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