When He Answers

So… I think it’s no secret that I struggled at the beginning of the school year.  It was clearly difficult for me to navigate the waters of teaching in the primary grades.  I was honestly not sure how I would survive the year (let alone long-term… but I just needed to get through this year) teaching the majority of my days students who have so much energy.

I specifically mean the energy level that perpetuates one to fall, move, and struggle with the concept of keeping hands to oneself. 🙂  So.  I prayed. I prayed for a soft heart.  I prayed that He would reveal to me the “how” to teach this age group.  I love teaching and I wanted to truly embrace the challenge in learning the “how” and grow as an educator.  I have also learned enough throughout my life that there’s often a greater purpose when placed in situations I’m

a) not comfortable with

b) have no desire to do

c) was certainly not “planning” to do.

I think you get the picture.

So-  I can honestly and joyfully say He has softened my heart and I have developed this fond love for these children.  I feel I can truly say I enjoy teaching them now.  There are moments I may struggle, but they have loosened me up. I’m discovering methods and techniques that seem to be working and  now I just laugh when the great activity was blown to pieces because they can’t keep it together.

There was another very important piece I prayed about and that has sustained me.  I simply have trusted that He will reveal any other purposes in my teaching of the primary grades.  I have trusted that He may have placed me in this position because there are parents that I’m suppose to meet and build relationships with.  Well, He’s already made this abundantly clear to me through the first Mom I feel I can actually call a “friend”…. even after only having had one coffee date with!!  I think she feels the same, so it’s not completely creepy to state this!  As we were talking and I got to share some of this with her, it dawned on me right there and then that SHE was an answer to my prayers!!!

If I wasn’t teaching these primary grades and had written this little introductory letter with mention of a homework assignment I needed help with from the parents, I wouldn’t be sitting, laughing and bantering back and forth with her. In fact, most of my friends and people that I have friendships with are through and within PROeM.  I love that God has orchestrated what He has…. sometimes, sometimes you all… it’s just not about “us”.

So… Yeah, I’m doing a heck of a lot better than I was a month ago.  Sometimes we just have suck it up and let Him do His thing.  I’m learning that in my weakness, He is able to fill me up and complete me…. which is what prayer allows me to do.  I ask.  He delivers…in His way… His time and it is alllll good.


2 Comments on “When He Answers

  1. Thank you Ann for sharing you journey. I continue to learn from you. So happy you have found your way with the littles and found friendships with moms❤️

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