Settling in…

Oh how I wish I could post pictures of our little gem of a home, but I want to wait until I’ve finished “nesting” and all our bags have arrived to do so.  Our non-stop flight on Friday (arriving Saturday) from Chicago to Warsaw was (thankfully) uneventful and we slept for most of the flight.  We were among the Jr. Olympic Track and Field team heading to a meet in northern Poland.  Coincidentally two of the coaches have a son and daughter each who are missionaries (not in Poland), so it was fun talking with them!  Since PROeM’s camp is near one of two Olympic training centers in Poland I naturally inquired if they were heading there.  Sadly, they weren’t.

Also, a team from Mt. Pleasant Christian Church in Indiana was on our flight and they were heading to camp for International Basketball camp week!  Ha!  We got to hang out with them in Old Town Warsaw before making the 1 1/2 hour trip southwest to Tomaszow.  Since we couldn’t meet up with our landlord and get into our house until Monday, we stayed with our friends who have two young children eagerly awaiting the girls’ arrival this weekend!

A few highlights these busy and whirlwind past few days include going to church at Tomy on Sunday and seeing so many people we’ve grown to love. Of course the #1 question was “Where are the girls?!”  We spent most of Sunday out at camp as we basically had no other place to be, but just like at church, it was fantastic to reconnect with everyone we know and love here within Proem.

And finally, on Monday we got to move in to ul. Kwarcowa 1 (ul means street and you pronounce our street name as Kfartsova… yeah, it’s taken me awhile to master that!!) .  However, before we actually moved in, we made the hour drive to IKEA in Lodz.  After a few hours of being overwhelmed and trying to decide which dinner ware set to buy, pots and pans, etc…. we were exhausted and just “done” although there were more items we needed to purchase!  Two carts later and bags full of our start up items we were ready to move in!

I’ll try and get a picture of our landlord but he’s a gentle giant with very limited English.  He’s super nice and so accommodating!  He’s very excited to have us and eager to get to know one another.  Our next door neighbor has a daughter about the girls’ age and apparently she’s very excited to have two American girls living next to her!  Answer to our prayers perhaps?!!!  We live near a park (called Blue Springs in English) and I’m looking forward to actually getting some time to go walk it.  That may be another two weeks, though. 😦

We have three balconies that are going to be tiled while we are staying at camp next week.  We’ll have a morning balcony for coffee and then an afternoon/evening balcony for entertaining… which we just did this evening with our first guest and friend, Magda.  The third balcony is off the girls’ room… so I guess it will be off limits to us?!  The home exceeds my expectations in terms of space and beautiful sunlight pouring in and I’m thrilled!  The ONLY downfall is the street out back that is quite busy.  We’ll have to lay down some strict guidelines for the girls, but out front there’s a narrow gravel road that they can access in and out of the house.

So much to post and it’s late and I need to get to bed, but I’ll close with two special places we went yesterday.  First,  we got to go see the new school.  And wow. It’s just beautiful and so excited that this is where we get to pour out our lives with students and their families!  Second, last evening we had an invitation to go hunt mushrooms in the forest.  This is a very popular Polish activity… in fact, near the end of summer and into the fall the Saturday market has streets lined with older Polish men and women selling their mushrooms.  We are looking forward to going again with the girls.  Of course, we got to enjoy a popular Polish sauce immediately after with the mushrooms we picked.

All and all- accomplishing what we wanted to do coming a week ahead of the girls and English camp.  Tomorrow, we finally will get phones to communicate here in Poland and focus on preparing for English camp.  We are excited to have the girls arrive Saturday as well as our teams from River of Life in Amherst, NH, Rochester Christian Church and Westside Christian Church in Illinois coming to serve with us next week!



2 Comments on “Settling in…

  1. You sound so happy! I am most pleased that you have three balconies with sunlight streaming into your new home at all times of day. Nothing like the sun to make you feel warm, welcomed and at home😎 xo


  2. I am sure you will make good use of those balconies … taking time to relax with Josh, rest in our Lord, and fellowship with friends! God is good!


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