The time of “lasts” and a steel heart

The past week has been all about “lasts”.

Last small group.

Last Sunday at church.

Last get togethers for us with friends or the girls with friends.

And now today, my last day of school.

With all the lasts… well, there’s so many emotions.  The last few days I’ve been praying for a steel heart.  I don’t want to be a ball of tears saying “goodbye” as I truly feel that our NH life and ministry  will be bridged in many ways with our life and ministry in Poland.  This makes the “goodbyes” only “see you laters”.  I definitely felt that at small group on Saturday night and then at church on Sunday as so many gathered around us to pray.  We are an extension of MCC now… being sent out.

Writing this short little bit took much longer than I expected. So I best wrap up as I have one last car drive to work… to do one last scanning of a pile of files… to do one last role call for attendance with my students… to do one last…. wonder if I’ll still have that steel heart.


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