Ending a chapter

Well… we’ve accepted an offer on the house after it going back on the market for only a week.  Although we still have some porch work to do so, we were able to still show.  It’s paid off!  I wanted to show some pictures of all the kitchen work, too, as I feel very proud of how it all turned out.


The inspection is next and barring it all goes well… we’ll close the end of June!  God’s impeccable timing!  Yes, I cried. It was a good cry.  It signifies the ending of this chapter of our lives and beginning of another.

I’ve been trying to upload a few pictures of the house which I just took today, but for some reason I can’t “find” them to “upload” them… so in order to save my sanity, I’ll just post these pictures and maybe later or tomorrow try and post the others.




One Comment on “Ending a chapter

  1. Good luck Anne and Josh. I have been wondering how you are doing. I am two semesters away from my masters in counseling. If you want to see pictures of my family, I have several posted on Facebook. I am listed as Kimberly (Ault) Baker from Hopedale, IL.


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