Rotten to the Core

Yesterday, we started investigating into the leaking of our enclosed porch.  Exactly what we suspected was true:  rotten.  As Josh and our friend (who is graciously helping us with his expertise!) started tearing off the roof of the porch… it was evident that water damage from ice dams over many years, even before us purchasing the house, rotted everything.  It was a matter of time before it’d just collapse!  As more was uncovered, a song I had heard when watching the Descendants movie with the girls months back quickly surfaced… “rotten to the core, rotten to the core”… yep- it is all rotten to the core!

Yes, this “major” problem wasn’t in the plans.  We knew the cross beam had issues after I had painted the inside of the porch last summer, but we knew if we messed with it (like we are now), we’d have a bigger problem on our hands (like we have now!).  However, the blessing is this:  had we gone into contract with someone, this would’ve definitely surfaced in the inspection and we would’ve had to contract out with someone and be out tons more money than having our friend help us and us buy the supplies.  Yes, not part of the plan in our mind, but I certainly believe it’s a blessing in disguise!  We are so indebted to our friend, but he thinks nothing of it.  I’ve just made sure to have had two good big meals for the guys by the end of these last two days!

Second, as I was sitting in church today, the message got me thinking.  On the exterior, our porch looked totally fine; it wasn’t until we got underneath the surface layer did we discover how bad things were.  That’s totally all of us.  We present well;  we can offer a fabulous facade.  No one would ever suspect how rotten we felt or were on the inside.  Of course, like our porch, it became so rotten something had to give way…. it started to leak and then after discovering how rotten everything actually was, there was nothing left to do but totally tear it all down and rebuild.  This is our lives as well.  We don’t deal with sin (our own, or others’ that is collateral damage on us).  Eventually by ignoring it, not naming it, not acknowledging it, we rot from the inside out, but the funny thing is that we can continue to present well!  Sadly, there will come a point when the extent of the rotting will cause all to fall in.  Had we ignored the dripping water after the snow fall, we could’ve had a cave in with one of the girls inside!  I just couldn’t shake the thought of how our lives look great on the exterior, but what matters most is what’s in the inside.

I know sin rots us to the core, too.  It separates us from God, but I also know that I don’t have to let it slowly eat me away from the inside out.  I’m thankful that I know the Creator who loves me to the core so much more and so much so that He sent Christ to deal with the real issue that rots us all.

Now that we are rebuilding the porch, we are able to put everything in place that is stronger and sturdier and durable. It will again look like we had never taken it down, but underneath the exterior we will know how much better and “pure” all of it is.  There’s no rot left and that’s exactly what God does in our lives with the Holy Spirit.  I love that He comes in to clean house.  Every. Single. Day.  I get to call on the Creator of this earth to come in and take the sneaky rot that tries to get in.  My life is truly stronger, sturdier and more durable because of God.

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