When You Do Nothing!

Great things happened this past week and the best part is I did nothing in making it happen!  I kinda like it and if God wants to keep blessing us in this way I’m totally game. 🙂  We’ve been blessed this week by an opportunity that presented itself completely out of the blue.  Something that was in no way orchestrated by us.  I am going to  be a team leader for a team from Rochester Christian Church and Westside Christian Church (both in IL) heading to Poland for PROeM’s week of English camp late July.  When presented with the inquiry this past week, we knew instantly that it was from God… the timing alone was a sure sign!

The potential blessings that will come from being able to lead people from our old stomping grounds outweigh the potential stressors of leading a team while trying to move my family overseas!!  eeeeek!

Thankfully, I’ve led numerous teams during English camp, so this isn’t my first rodeo.  I am excited that we’ll have people supporting and encouraging us as we return to Poland long-term.  I can’t wait to have them see and experience what God is doing there… what we will be a part of.  God knows what we will need and having that “springboard” is perfect.

So, you see… being sidelined isn’t always that bad. 🙂

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