Being Amazed

I love how God knows and gets me.  He’s relentless about breaking bonds that hold our hearts in fear.  I truly just can’t say that enough.

Recently, a friend of mine came to me with a touching testimony and vision.  Her pursuits in a business endeavor actually parallel our pursuits of serving with PROeM.  I of course didn’t know or see this before she came to me, but after she shared with me, it was so clear to me!  I was able to see how both of our hearts get bogged down with “fear” while on this particularly difficult path we’ve both chosen!   What God laid on her heart to share with me was one of blessing…in so, so many ways.

I don’t mean to surprise anyone with this, but we pretty much don’t get to chose how God decides to glorify Himself in our lives.  It’s hard to express the feelings I have in knowing God is using our lives to glorify Himself in others…. in my friend’s life.  It’s deeply touching!

I was also able to see God reaching out to my heart to remind me that I have to make room for Him to amaze me. Our preparations in leaving for Poland have been steady, but slow; kinda like the Tortoise and the Hare… which I keep reminding myself “slow and steady wins the race.”    Yet He keeps dropping snippets of “I’ve got this” in my lap right when I need it the most and I can’t express how sustaining that is… but I know my friend gets it.  She’s living it as well.

Life is a journey.   It’s crazy busy at times and so much so that we/I often miss realizing how interconnected we all actually are.  That’s why I love stuff like this, because it reminds me of God’s fierce love for us as his creation as a whole and down to every last one of us intimately. He is relentless in the pursuit of our heart!

One Comment on “Being Amazed

  1. His love is boundless even when we put borders on how grand it “could possibly be!” As Rick Warren said, “trying to understand eternity is like trying to teach about the internet to an ant. Luckily God has patience with us! Much love to you guys & many, many prayers!

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