Changing of the Seasons

I grew up with experiencing the four seasons and I’ve always loved the four seasons.  I love getting ready for a new season.  Getting out the “new” stuff for that particular season and putting away the old is something I love to do. I think anyone who endures a long winter begins to question whether a warmer climate wouldn’t be more suitable.  Yet as Fall/Autumn is wrapping up, I am looking forward to how we’ll enjoy (and persevere) this winter season.

That being said, I’ve always thrived on change.    My mother could attest to this personality trait as I would often change around the furniture in my bedroom…. and often if she was gone, I’d attempt to do the same in the living room!  It wasn’t until these last few years after returning from our year spent in Poland, I reflected on this trait.  Did I thrive on change because I was actually seeking something?  Was something in my life deep rooted that needed to be addressed?  Because let’s face it, it doesn’t always make sense to other people or be an enduring quality to be making big life changes every 3-5 years!

I came to terms that change can take many different forms.  There are sides of change that I thrive on while other facets make me want to throw up like any other person.   Bottom line… I don’t feel I’m running away from anything nor is there a deep rooted issue that needs to be addressed.  There’s nothing “wrong” with me… in fact, I’ve embraced the fact that it’s who God has created me to be and without this particular “trait” my family wouldn’t probably be doing what we’re doing.  Josh and I often joked that we were a perfect pair because he kept my feet on the ground, while I kept his feet moving.

Change is in front of my eyes reflected in the earth outside.  I can for sure feel the change in the air.  I’ve finally begun to accept the change taking place in New England (I truly wasn’t ready for winter to come a week ago!!) and I hope I will remain in a place where I can accept the changes God is doing in my life and the life of my family.  As I said, there are some changes that are easy to accept and others that make me want to throw up, but when it’s all said and done, I hope it’s beautiful!  IMG_4606

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