Handling the Stress of It All

There’s much to be said about those list of “stressors” that can impact your life… in a negative way… namely JOY.

But we all have stress, so why would I write our first blog out me (Ann) handling the “stress of it all”?

If you are reading this post, you know that our family is preparing for a long-term return to Poland to serve with Proem Ministries.  8 months”ish” and we are heading out.  We are in the middle of selling our house, which means I’m living everyone’s dream of a constantly clean and tidy house, but, sadly, there’s “stress” in constantly keeping it tidy and clean! We’ve had steady showings, but no “bites”.  Not that I’m worried or concerned (ok, maybe a little).

We are also trying to write up “Our Story”, get all of our pictures and information to an AMAZING friend who is graciously creating our promo material.  Since we made our official decision and announcement to leave our wonderful teaching positions with our wonderful schools in August, we have steadily progressed in preparations.

However… I’m T.I.R.E.D. Heart, soul and mind!  It’s all our “to-do’s” coupled with the range of emotions I’ve been feeling.  Thankfully, it seems that the roller coaster ride of emotions has only been “enjoyed” by Josh and I.  The girls haven’t got on that ride, yet…. but it will come.  When one of us if “up”, the other has been dealing with some “downs”.  The good thing is… it’s normal…. I know that, so I take some pressure off myself to always be feeling “happy” about this next chapter in our lives.  But I don’t want to have JOY robbed from my life, to which I express my extreme gratitude for my anchor being in my Heavenly Father.

So, how AM I handling the stress of it all?

Well, some days are better than others, but I’m not handling it… Jesus is.  And THAT makes all the difference.

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